CranioSacral Therapy for newborns

Australian-born Nirmoha spent most of the 90s in Pune, India, enjoying all meditations and “celebrating life.” She started her training in craniosacral therapy with Bhadrena and Kavi in 2002 and is a member of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapy (PACT). She now lives in Bali, working at a birthing clinic, welcoming newborns by giving them craniosacral therapy.

In an article on the Osho News online magazine, Nirmoha describes the unique way of welcoming babies into this world by helping them with craniosacral work.

From the article:

When a newborn arrives in my hands the umbilicus is often still attached to the placenta. Some of them are present enough to make eye contact with me whereas others appear to be so disorientated that they cannot make head or tail of where they are. One baby who I recently worked with was incredibly wide eyed and present and his little system showed minimal signs of the birth experience having been a traumatic one. There didn’t seem to be any holding patterns in his little body and other than a subtle lengthening that came through his spine, his many smiles told the story of his transition having been a relatively easy one. But for many others, it is not like this and the trauma of being born can be quite noticeable.

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