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Videos feature doctors speaking out against vaccines is a great resource:

This website features doctors from a variety of specialties who are speaking publicly about the damage being done to babies, infants, children and adults. Video is the preferred media so you can hear it directly from the doctors, in their own words. There are also resources such as how to find a doctor in your area who will respect your decision regarding vaccines and, if necessary, sign your child’s exemption form for school or daycare.

The 24 videos on this page serve as an introduction to key issues parents must be aware of before consenting to vaccination. Just as compelling are the first-hand accounts of parents who describe in great detail exactly what happened to their children following vaccination.

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CDC Autism Scandal: Tsunami of Anger is Brewing and About to Explode


I don’t know if the fact that CNN is headquartered in Atlanta, the same city where the CDC has its headquarters, has anything to do with it, but an editorial decision was made by someone at CNN to embed a video at the top of their report on the CDC whistle-blower from earlier in 2014 where health correspondent Elizabeth Cohen states that within all of the dangerous side-effects of vaccines, autism is not listed. She then rephrased for those needing help understanding her, explaining that “Some people don’t hear this well: vaccines do not cause autism.”

This editorial decision to include this video by CNN, could go down as one of the biggest blunders by a major news network of all time.

The result has been that thousands of families who have children that have been damaged by vaccines that resulted in autism, have begun to post videos on the Autism Media YouTube channel on a page called “Hear this Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence.”

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Vaccine Court: Attorneys win, families suffer

Would you endorse or purchase a product where the manufacturer was absolved from all product liability? I would not and this article is why I’ll never get or endorse a vaccine again.

From the article:

While the cases are supposed to be resolved in 240 days or less (with an additional 150 days for potential extensions), less than 7 percent of non-autism cases met this requirement. When autism claims were factored in, only 4.5 percent were resolved in less than 240 days. According to the AP:

“Most non-autism cases take at least two and a half years, with the average case length more than three years, not including cases unresolved at the end of 2012. Hundreds have surpassed the decade mark. Several people died before getting any money.”

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Even doctors don’t know what’s in vaccines!

Taken from

Manufacturers hide information from doctors about ingredients and conceal their sinister plans for vaccine production so that doctors will continue to feel comfortable recommending vaccines.

Doctors have no possibility whatsoever of knowing the complete composition of vaccines, nor do health authorities – or, in fact, anyone else.

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New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again

In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, [i] whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations,” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”

Later the same month, the government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR and resulted in autism. The cases follow similar successful petitions in the Italian and US courts (including Hannah Poling [ii], Bailey Banks [iii], Misty Hyatt [iv], Kienan Freeman [v], Valentino Bocca [vi], and Julia Grimes [vii]) in which the governments conceded or the court ruled that vaccines had caused brain injury. In turn, this injury led to an ASD diagnosis. MMR vaccine was the common denominator in these cases.

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CDC whistleblower: “Oh my God…what we did”

This is cause for concern. Do you think your child has autism because of a vaccine?

The devastating and explosive complaint concerns scientific misconduct in a now-infamous 2004 CDC study, which gave the MMR vaccine a free pass and concluded the vaccine had no connection to autism.

CDC whistleblower William Thompson was a co-author on that study, and on August 27 he admitted he and his co-authors committed fraud and covered up the vaccine-autism connection.

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A shocking report of the flu vaccine

A John Hopkins scientist has revealed a shocking report about flu vaccine.

From the study:

Peter Doshi, Ph.D., charges that although the vaccines are being pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are less effective and cause more side effects than alleged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, says Doshi, the studies that underlie the CDC’s policy of encouraging most people to get a yearly flu shot are often low quality studies that do not substantiate the official claims.

Doshi’s work has been backed up by other health experts:

Doshi’s concerns echo those of Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and author of “The Blaylock Wellness Report”who has deep concerns over the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine.

Not only is the vaccine not safe, Dr. Blaylock tells Newsmax Health, it doesn’t even work. “The vaccine is completely worthless, and the government knows it,” he says. “There are three reasons the government tells the elderly why they should get flu shots: secondary pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. Yet a study by the Cochrane group studied hundreds of thousands of people and found it offered zero protection for those three things in the general community. It offered people in nursing homes some immunity against the flu — at best one-third — but that was only if they picked the right vaccine.”

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